Marquees for all the great events of life

Marquees for parties

Marquees can be the perfect solution when you want to arrange an important party or another kind of event. In the spring and especially during the summer, we often need some extra room for celebrating some of life’s great events. If you arrange a birthday, confirmation, or maybe a wedding, you will need a lot of room for all the guests and more. The most flexible and affordable solution by far will be an elegant marquee. You can assemble and place the marquee right outside your home if you have a garden. You have access to the house with a kitchen and more and plenty of room for all the guests – the perfect solution.

Marquees create just the right setting and ambience for the event 

An elegant marquee creates a wonderful ambience at the party or another kind of event. Together with your new marquee, you will need tables, chairs, tablecloths, decorations and lighting. Visit and find all the things you need for the party – from the marquee down to tables, chairs, flooring and much more. For the romantic event, we offer a wide range of marquee linings, which can change an ordinary marquee into a soft, beautiful, and romantic setting. We offer high-quality marquees in many sizes covering a wide price range. You can have an affordable PE marquee for the family barbecue or the school excursion or a professional PVC marquee in rental quality. No matter how many guests you want to invite, we have a marquee solution to shelter everybody

You should own a marquee – do the math and see why

Are you planning an important party or event sometime soon? Then we would like to suggest that you buy a marquee rather than rent one. Having a marquee means that you always have extra room available for all kinds of events. People often rent a marquee just for one event, but we have looked at the math and found out something important: it makes great sense to own a marquee! If you use the marquee you buy for 2-4 events (depending on the price of the marquee), you are very likely to save money compared to renting a marquee. When the marquee has made its money back after a few events, you can enjoy the marquee repeatedly and for free for all the upcoming parties and events! At you can also order all the others things you need to make your parties and events a great success – folding tables, folding chairs, stackable chairs, flooring, carpets, lighting, and much more.